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Andrew Davis Johnston

ANDREW DAVIS JOHNSTON – was a son of Capt. William JOHNSTON, who came from
the valley of Virginia to this county among its very earliest settlers,
about 1765, and settled first on Anthony’s Creek, and about 1770 moved to
a farm one mile north of the present site of Lewisburg. He was one of the
pioneer heros who went to the assistance of the settlers at Fort Donally when
they were attacked by Indians there. He married Jane DAVIS, born in this county,
and after long and useful lives both died in this county and are buried on their
old farm. The brothers of Capt. JOHNSTON were Robert, James and Silas, and his
sister married Robert GRAY. They all settled in Lexington, Kentucky. The
children of William and Jane (DAVIS) JOHNSTON were James, Samuel, William,
John, George, and Andrew – their sons, and Rebecca, unmarried; Polly, married
John FEAMSTER; Sally, married R. F. TYREE. Andrew Davis JOHNSTON was born May
23, 1800, and in Augusta County, Virginia, February 21, 1828, he married Esther
Lyle ALEXANDER. She was born July 18, 1803, on the farm adjoining the one where
her husband was born, the farm now owned by her brother. James and Margaret (LYLE)
ALEXANDER were her parents. Her mother was born in Rockbridge County, at Rockbridge,
and was married there, her father at the time living in Greenbrier County. After
a time her parents moved to Augusta County, and in their old age, about 1840,
returned to this county and died here. The record of the children of Mr. and Mrs.
JOHNSTON is: Margaret Jane, born October 13, 1829, married Dr. James A. TEMPLETON,
October 5, 1847, and they have two sons and three daughters, and reside at Bristol,
Tennessee; James William, born June 7, 1832, is a farmer of Lewisburg District;
George Edward, born February 12, 1836, died August 31st following; Ann Eliza,
born December 4, 1837, married Nathan A. HANNA, November 28, 1858, and they had
one son and one daughter, both are living and the parents are deceased –
Ann E. died January 3, 1883, and her husband died March 9, 1862; Mary Rebecca,
born June 27, 1840, married Edward BLACK, November 15, 1859, and died November
15, 1861; John Davis, born September 16, 1842, a farmer in this county; Andrew
Alexander, born June 3, 1846, married Florence F. SKAGGS, November 5, 1874.
James W., John D., and Andrew A. were Confederate soldiers. All served with honor,
James and Andrew through the entire conflict, and John until disabled. James W.
JOHNSTON was sheriff of Greenbrier county, 1877-1881. Andrew D. JOHNSTON is living
on his farm in Lewisburg District with post office address at Richlands, Greenbrier
County, West Virginia.

Source: Hardesty, Henry H. Hardesty’s Historical and Geographical
Encyclopedia. New York: H.H. Hardesty and Company, 1884.
Rpt. in West Virginia Heritage Encyclopedia. Ed. Jim Comstock.
Richwood: Comstock, 1974.

Submitted by Valerie Crook, , 1999.

Andrew Hutchison Mcclung

Source: Hardesty, Henry H. Hardesty’s Historical and Geographical
Encyclopedia. New York: H.H. Hardesty and Company, 1884.
Rpt. in West Virginia Heritage Encyclopedia. Ed. Jim Comstock.
Richwood: Comstock, 1974.

ANDREW HUTCHISON McCLUNG – farmer and stock-raiser of Meadow Bluff
district, owning 550 acres of valuable land on Big Clear Creek, is a native
of Greenbrier County. He was born on Meadow River, May 18, 1832, and he
married on Laurel Creek, this county, March 12, 1856. John and Hannah
(McMILLIAM) McCLUNG were his parents, and he married Nancy Ann, daughter
of Alexander and Elenor (THOMPSON) McCLUNG. She was born in Greenbrier County,
April 20, 1857. Their children were born: Onalaska, December 26, 1856, died
August 24, 1876; Lenora, January 24, 1859, died October 11, 1865; Leanna Ada,
November 7, 1860; Robert Otte, December 23, 1862, died October 5, 1865;
Lewis Edgar, April 28, 1865; Paul Hudson, February 24, 1867; Louisa, June 18, 1869,
died in infancy; Homer, September 23, 1873; Cary, July 18, 1875. The living
children are all at home. The father of Andrew H. McCLUNG was born in Augusta County,
Virginia, January 20, 1762, came to Greenbrier County in 1766, and
died in this county, July 20, 1850. Hannah, his wife, was born in this
county, February 14, 1795, and here died November 30, 1861. William McCLUNG,
father of John, was the first settler on Meadow River, locating here in 1766.
He took a tomahawk entry for 100,000 acres on Meadow River and its
tributaries, and made his home here when the Indians were so troublesome
that he plowed with his rifle strung to his shoulder and his wife and three
children took refuge in the dense swamp while he was working, only returning
to the cabin at night when he was there to defend them. The parents of Mrs.
McCLUNG were born in Greenbrier County, her father in 1805, and her mother
in 1815, and they are still living here. Andrew H. McCLUNG was captain of
Company C, 79th Virginia military, Confederate service, war between the
states. He was sixteen years justice of the peace in Meadow Bluff district,
and has been for twelve years postmaster at Big Clear Creek P.O., Greenbrier County,
West Virginia.

Submitted by Valerie F. Crook, , 1999.