Ulysses G. Young

Submitted to the West Virginia Biographies Project by:
Valerie & Tommy Crook
April 13, 2000

The History of West Virginia, Old and New
Published 1923, The American Historical Society, Inc.,
Chicago and New York, Volume III,
pg. 407

ULYSSES G. YOUNG has the prestige accruing from thirty
years of able practice as a lawyer in Upshur County, and
in that time he has carried many of the responsibilities
of leadership in his home county and community. He is
also a banker.

Mr. Young, who is senior member of the law firm of
Young & McWhorter at Buckhannon, was born in Har-
rison County, West Virginia, January 22, 1865, son of
Joseph A. and Mary V. (Griffith) Young, the former a
native of Monroe County, West Virginia, and the latter of
Augusta County, Virginia. Joseph A. Young after his mar-
riage settled on a farm in Harrison County, and was one
of the hard working and substantial citizens of that sec-
tion. He and his wife were members of the Presbyterian
Church and he was a republican. There were eight chil-
dren: Maggie, wife of B. H. Paugh; Ida M., wife of
Burget Swisher; Esther, deceased; Ulysses G.; Mary V.,
wife of M. R. Creslip; E. L., of Barbour County; Kate
B., wife of C. E. Creslip; and W. H. Young, a farmer in
Upshur County.

Ulysses G. Young, while growing up on the farm, had
formulated plans for a professional career. His common
school education he supplemented in the National Normal
University at Lebanon, Ohio, from which he graduated
with the degree Bachelor of Science and the law degree
LL. B. He then returned to Buckhannon, took the exam-
ination before three judges and was admitted to the West
Virginia bar, and since then has been steadily engaged
in a general civil and criminal practice in the courts of
this district. Mr. Young is vice president of the Traders
National Bank of Buckhannon and also its attorney.
Among other interests he and a brother own a thousand
acres in Barbour County.

Mr. Young was elected a member of the State Senate
in 1894, and represented his district in the sessions of
1895 and 1897. He is one of the trustees of the Wesleyan
College at Buckhannon and is treasurer of the permanent
trust fund of the Methodist Conference. He is a past
chancellor of the Knights of Pythias and a member of the
Masonic Order, and belongs to the Official Board of the
Methodist Episcopal Church.

On July 11, 1893, Mr. Young married Lillie C. Pifer.
She graduated from the Buckhannon Academy and spent
one year in the Boston Conservatory of Music. Mr. and
Mrs. Young have four children: Mary E., who is a grad-
uate of Goucher College of Baltimore with the A. B. de-
gree, is the wife of W. S. Jacob; Marjorie C., who grad-
uated A. B. from Wesleyan College at Buckhannon; Ulysses
6., Jr., who is a student in Wesleyan College; and Rich-
ard W., in high school.