Thaddeus K. Wingrove

Submitted to the West Virginia Biographies Project by:
Valerie & Tommy Crook
July 4, 2000

The History of West Virginia, Old and New
Published 1923, The American Historical Society, Inc.,
Chicago and New York, Volume III,
pg. 414

THADDEUS K. WINGROVE. Wingrove is a name that has
been identified with West Virginia community life for
considerably more than a century. The first American
ancestor of the French Creek citizen named above was
John Wingrove, who was born in England about 1750,
came to America at the age of seventeen, lived in Ver-
mont, where he married, and later moved to Virginia and
finally to West Virginia, establishing his home in Marshall
County, where he lived out his life. His son, William Win
grove, was founder of the family in Upshur County and
was a millwright by trade. His son, Harrison Wingrove,
married Maria Peebles, and they were the parents of Mar-
shall P. Wingrove, who was born in Braxton County, West
Virginia, November 20, 1834. Marshall P. Wingrove grew
up in the French Creek community, acquired a good educa-
tion, and after his marriage settled at French Creek, where
he continued farming and the milling business the rest of
his life. He was an elder and liberal supporter of the
French Creek Presbyterian Church, and was a very active
prohibitionist in politics. In 1858 Marshall P. Wingrove
married Roxanna Anderson, who was born in Frenchton,
Upshur County, March 19, 1834, daughter of James and
Sarah (Syron) Anderson, who settled in Upshur County
from old Virginia. Of the seven children of Marshall P.
Wingrove and wife six are now living: Warren, of San
Francisco; Oscar, of British Columbia; Maude, wife of I.
J. Dunn, an attorney at Omaha, Nebraska; Miriam, wife
of J. S. Curry, of Cleveland, Ohio; Thaddeus K.; and
Clarence, a farmer and poultryman at French Creek.

Thaddeus K. Wingrove was born near French Creek
April 9, 1871. He grew up there, acquired a public school
education, and also attended the U. B. Academy at Buck-
hannon. Since leaving college his years have been steadily
devoted to his trade as a carpenter and to his interests as
a farmer. He also looks after his farm of sixteen acres
half a mile southeast of French Creek. Mr. Wingrove is a
democrat in polities, is affiliated with the Modern Wood-
men of America, and is an elder in the French Creek Pres-
byterian Church and a teacher in the Sunday School.

February 6, 1900, he married Miss Mayme Phillips, who
was born at French Creek October 9, 1875. They have one
son, C. Lyle, born March 19, 1906, now attending school
at French Creek.