William Frederick Reger

Submitted to the West Virginia Biographies Project by:
Valerie & Tommy Crook
November 8, 1999

The History of West Virginia, Old and New
Published 1923, The American Historical Society, Inc.,
Chicago and New York, Volume III,
pg. 301

WILLIAM FREDERICK REGER. For twenty years or more
William Frederick Reger has been closely associated with
the coal mining industry of the Berryburg locality in Bar-
bour County. He is one of the oldest men in the service
of the Consolidation Coal Company at that point, where
he has been store manager for ten years.

Mr. Reger was born near Weston, Lewis County, May 1,
1881. The Regers are an old family of West Virginia. His
grandfather, Henry Reger, was an early settler in Upshur
County, locating there from one of the eastern states. His
life was devoted to farming. He left a large number of
children at his death. One of them was William Reger,
only a child when his father died. William Reger was born
in Upshur County, but spent most of his life in Lewis
County. He enlisted from Upshur County in the Union
Army as a member of the Upshur Battery, and was a can-
noneer and corporal of his company. He participated in
some of the heavy fighting of his regiment, but sustained
no wounds or other injuries beyond disease contracted in
the war. After the war he was satisfied to let others con-
tinue the memories of the great conflict, and he manifested
little interest even in the G. A. R. He was a staunch
republican without official aspirations, and was a member
of the Methodist Protestant Church. William Reger, who
died at Weston in March, 1917, at the age of sixty-eight,
married Mary Jones, daughter of Henry and Sallie
(Tremble—formerly Turnbull) Jones. She is living at Wes-
ton, and became the mother of six sons and three daugh-
ters: Thomas L., of Pittsburgh; Avis, wife of C. G. Hinz-
man, of Weston; Gertrude, who died at Berlin, West Vir-
ginia, wife of J. E. Swisher; Charles H., of Philadelphia;
Mattie, wife of A. M. Corathers of Weston; Robert V.,
of Clarksburg; William Frederick; Samuel Steele, of Burk-
burnett, Texas; and Earl, who is the postmaster of Weston.

William P. Reger grew up on a farm near Weston, and
the routine of the farm constituted his early training and
experience. He attended the common schools, and when
past his majority he left home and began his career at
Berryburg with the Southern Coal and Transportation Com-
pany. This company sold out to the Consolidation Coal
Company in 1905, and along with the property and good-
will Mr. Reger went perhaps as a part of the contracting,
since he was the only one of the store force to remain
under the new management. He was promoted in 1912
to store manager for the company at Berryburg, and in
addition to these responsibilities he is postmaster of the
village and has accepted a share in every organized move-
ment for the welfare of the community.

Two of his own children are teachers, and he has for
years been an advocate of better schools at Berryburg, and
is one of the local school trustees. He is a member of the
Methodist Protestant Church, and fraternally is affiliated
with the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, the Knights
of Pythias, of which he is a past chancellor and past repre-
sentative, the Woodmen of the World and the Junior Order
United American Mechanics.

At Weston, August 1, 1901, Mr. Reger married Miss
Lillie Smith, who was born on a farm near that city,
daughter of Clinton Smith. Her mother was a daughter
of Isaac Rohrbaugh, and Mrs. Reger was one of six daugh-
ters and three sons, all still living. The children of Mr.
and Mrs. Reger are: Scott N., Albert Paul, Evelyn, Fred-
erick and William. Seott and Albert both finished their
educations in Broaddus College and are teachers in the
public schools of Barbour County. Albert also took work
as a student in an automobile school at Cincinnati.