William M. Welsch

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History of Charleston and Kanawha County, West Virginia and Representative
W.S. Laidley
Richmond Arnold Publishing Co., Chicago, ILL.
p. 380-383

WILLIAM M. WELSCH, superintendent of the Monarch Mines at Monarch, Cabin
Creek District, Kanawha County, W.Va., is a native of Germany, born there
April 5, 1876, and is a son of Nicholas and Theresa (Leipertz) Welsch.
Nicholas Welsch was born in one of the Rhine Provinces in Germany, where he
married Theresa Leipertzartd in 1888 the family came to America and located
at Ford City, Pa., moving from there to Ohio in the following year, and the
father securing work in the coal mines at Jacksonviue. He took out his first
citizen’s papers immediately after coming to this country, at Kittanning, the
county seat of Armstrong County, Pa., and his second papers in 1893, at
Athens, the county seat of Athens County, Ohio. While living there his wife
died. He survived her and now resides with his son, William, at Monarch.
There were many children beside William in the fam-ily, he being the eldest,
namely: Hubert; Nettie, the wife of William Heiser; Harry; Gertrude, the
wife of John L. Mandt; and others who died in infancy.
William M. Welsch attended school in Germany for seven years before coming to
America and for a short time afterward-long enough to learn the English
language-and in 1889 became a miner at Jacksonville, 0., where he was rapidly
advanced, being appointed a mine foreman in 1901. In that capacity be came to
Kanawha County in 1904, for the same company, the Ohio Sunday Creek Coal
Company, and continued in their employ until July, 1910, when he came to the
Monarch people. Mr. Welsch has been a hard working man all his life and has
exercised prudence and forethought and is in comfortable circumstances.
On December 31, 1901, Mr. Welsch was married to Miss Mary Hatfield, a
daughter of Theodore and Mary Hatfield, and they have two children, William
and Dorothea. He is a meniber of three imnortant fraternal organizations: the
Red Men, the Forresters of America and the Woodmen of the World.

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