William Kimball. Ferguson

Biographical Sketches of Members of Congress, Members of the Legislature,
Officers of the State Governement and judges of the Supreme Court of Appeals,
West Virigina, 1917

West Virginia Legislative Hand Book and Manual and Official Register, 1917,
Compiled and Edited by John T. Harris, Clerk of the Senate,
The Tribune Printing Co., Charleston, West Va.
pgs. 719 – 770


pg. 735

Members of the House of Delegates.

Address: Fort Gay, West Va. Was born in Wayne county
West Virginia, May 14, 1874, and educated in the com-
mon and select schools of that county; by profession
a teacher; a fanner by occupation; has held the office of
Justice of the Peace, and was elected to the Legislature
in November, 1916, as one of the delegates from Wayne
county; in the sessions of 1917 served on House stand-
ing committees on Education, Prohibition and Temper-
ance, Counties, Districts and Municipal Corporations
Humane Institutions and Public Buildings, State Boun-

Submitted by: Valerie Crook