William Hampton Caldwell

Source: Hardesty, Henry H. Hardesty’s Historical and Geographical
Encyclopedia. New York: H.H. Hardesty and Company, 1884.
Rpt. in West Virginia Heritage Encyclopedia. Ed. Jim Comstock.
Richwood: Comstock, 1974.

WILLIAM HAMPTON CALDWELL, M. D. – was born in Lewisburg, Greenbrier
County, May 10, 1858, a son of Dewit Clinton Bolivar CALDWELL and Sarah
Jane CALDWELL, and a grandson of Joseph Franklin and Ann (TYLER) CALDWELL.
Dr. Joseph F. CALDWELL, his grandfather, came to Greenbrier County in
1820, and in Lewisburg established the first newspaper published west
of the Blue Ridge, in the same year – The Palladium of Virginia. He
also established the first stage lines through the State, from Lewisburg
to New Bern, North Carolina, and Guyandotte, Charleston, etc. This was
in 1837 or 1838, the mails prior to that date having been carried by a
man on horseback. He was a member of the West Virginia legislature in
1867, and introduced a bill relative to incorporation limits of Lewisburg.
He was mayor of Lewisburg, president of the board of registration, and
always a citizen prominent in the interest of the town, county, and
State. Dr. H. Clay CALDWELL, son of Dr. J. F. CALDWELL, was assistant
surgeon in the navy for several years, being promoted to full surgeon
a year or two previous to his death, which occurred while home on leave
of absence at the residence of his father, in Lewisburg, December 1,
1859, in the 28th year of his age. He was a young man of brilliant
promise, of very superior mind, and an honor to his profession. The
father of William H., also a physician, was justice of the peace, clerk
of the county court of Greenbrier County, and also United States
examining surgeon for West Virginia. William H. CALDWELL, in addition
to his professional duties, has held the seal of notary in and for
Greenbrier County for the past two years. His residence is in Lewisburg
District, and he owns the “Stone House”, at River Dale, on the Greenbrier
River – one of the first houses built in the county, erected and owned by
Benjamin GRIGSBY, a Presbyterian minister and pioneer of the county. His
address is: Dr. W. H. CALDWELL, Lewisburg, Greenbrier County, West

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