Wellsburg Nation

The History of West Virginia, Old and New
Published 1923, The American Historical Society, Inc.,
Chicago and New York, Volume III,
pg. 601

THE WELLSBURG NATIONAL BANK is one of the most sub-
stantial and important financial institutions of Brooke
County and its judicial center, the City of Wellsburg. This
historic old institution dates its foundation back to the
year 1832, when it instituted operations under the cor-
porate title of Northwestern Bank of Virginia, or as the
Wellsburg branch of that pioneer banking corporation, the
parent institution being the National Bank of Virginia at
Wheeling. John C. Campbell, an attorney, became the first
president of the Wellsburg bank, and of him mention is
made in the general historical department of this publica-
tion. In 1863 a reorganization took place, and the institu-
tion acquired charter as the First National Bank of Wells-
burg. Another reorganization, in 1871, resulted in the
adoption of the present corporate title, the Wellsburg Na-
tional Bank. Mr. Campbell, the first president, eventually
removed from Wellsburg to Wheeling and became one of
the leading members of the bar of that city. Samuel
Jacob, whose son Frank still resides at the old family home-
stead, was a director of the bank until his death. W. K.
Pendleton, president of Bethany College, became president
of the bank, and thus served until about 1882, when he be-
came president of the college mentioned. John C. Palmer,
who received his personal names in honor of John C.
Campbell, the first president of the institution, became pres-
ident of the bank, and continued its executive head until
his death in 1905, when he was succeeded by his son John
C., Jr., the present incumbent. J. S. Beall, father of Colo-
nel Beall, was active in the affairs of the bank for many
years, as were also his brother, Wilson Beall, and Adam
Kuhn. Since 1871 the Wellsburg National Bank has based
its operations on a capital stock of $100,000. In 1905 its
resources were about $300,000, and to-day the resources
are in excess of $1,000,000. The bank still occupies the
substantial building that was erected for its use in 1836
and which is now one of the venerable landmarks of Brooke

Submitted by: Valerie & Tommy Crook
Date: July 24, 2000