Thomas I. Feeney

Submitted to the West Virginia Biographies Project by:
Valerie & Tommy Crook
November 10, 1999

The History of West Virginia, Old and New
Published 1923, The American Historical Society, Inc.,
Chicago and New York, Volume III,
pg. 312-313

THOMAS I. FEENEY. One of Burnsville’s well-known and
reliable business establishments, which has a record for
straightforward dealing and honorable action, is the fur-
niture and undertaking enterprise of the Feeney Furniture
and Supply Company, Inc. The president of this business,
whose name it bears, was born in Burnsville and has spent
his entire life here with the exception of a short time during
the World war and one year when he was absent in Fair-
mont, and is well known to the citizens of this community,
not only as a business man but as one who has contributed
in the way of splendid public service to the growth, develop-
ment and advancement of the town.

Mr. Feeney was born December 15, 1888, at Burnsville,
on the same street on which his business is now located, and
is a son of John F. and Nora (Dolan) Feeney. His father
was born January 5, 1856, on a farm in Lewis County, West
Virginia, where he was reared and educated, and there mar-
ried Miss Dolan, who had been born in 1862 in Gilmer
County, but had been brought as a child to Lewis County,
where she attended the public schools. Shortly after their
marriage John F. Feeney, who was a cabinet maker by
trade, embarked in business at Burnsville, first working at
his trade and later opening a general store in which he
sold all manner of goods. In him the business instinct was
present in a marked degree, and he was successful in all his
undertakings. He founded the furniture and undertaking
business of which his son is now the head, and in his de-
clining years disposed of his holdings. Mrs. Feeney died
in 1893, firm in the faith of the Catholic Church. A demo-
crat in his political views, Mr. Feeney was one of the in-
fluential men of his party, and was called upon to serve in
several official capacities, among them on the Board of
Education and as a member of the town council. He and
his worthy wife were the parents of four children: Thomas
I., of this record; John W., who graduated from the San
Bernardino High School in California, and who married
Adaline Morissy, of Chicago; Madeline, a graduate of the
Parkersburg High School; and Rose E., who died January
20, 1919.

Thomas I. Feeney was reared at Burnsville, where he com-
pleted the prescribed course of the graded schools and spent
two years in high school, and entered upon his industrial
career in the capacity of a school teacher. After two years
thus spent he decided that the educator’s life was not his
forte, and he accordingly went to Fairmont, where he
secured a position as bookkeeper. This likewise failed to
satisfy him, and after one year’s experience he returned to
Burnsville, where he became store manager for his father, a
capacity in which he remained two years, at the end of
which time he bought the elder man out. He then con-
ducted the business until the World war, when he was com-
pelled to close his business and enter the United States serv-
ice as a member of the One Hundred and Fifty-fourth Depot
Brigade, on detached service at Camp Meade. After six
months he received his honorable discharge and returned to
Burnsville, where he incorporated his business, the officers
being: President, Thomas I. Feeney; secretary, R. H.
Kidd; treasurer, Russell T. Reed; and the foregoing, with
the following, as the board of directors: F. W. Shrieves,
H. C. Murphy, A. N. Stockart and H. C. Crutchfield. The
company carries a full line of furniture of all kinds. Its
undertaking department is likewise fully equipped, and Mr.
Feeney and his representatives are prepared to advise with
clients regarding a final resting spot, the details of funeral
services, legal requirements, transportation, and all other
necessary details in the reverent care of the dead. Mr.
Feeney is also largely interested in the real estate business
at Burnsville and the near vicinity, and has other matters
of a business nature which require his attention.

In politics he is a democrat and has been prominent in
public affairs, having served in various public offices, includ-
ing those of mayor, councilman, recorder and member of the
Board of Education, and in all has rendered excellent serv-
ice. He is a member of the Catholic Church, attending
services at Orlando. Mr. Feeney is unmarried.