Benjamin Franklin Shuttleworth

Submitted to the West Virginia Biographies Project by:
Valerie & Tommy Crook
April 11, 2000

The History of West Virginia, Old and New
Published 1923, The American Historical Society, Inc.,
Chicago and New York, Volume III,
pg. 389-890

medicine are better known in Harrison County than Dr. Ben-
jamin Franklin Shuttleworth, who has been engaged in the
practice of his calling at Clarksburg for seventeen years, and
whose splendid professional application to the duties and
responsibilities of his vocation have gained him a position
high in its ranks and equally high in the confidence of his
fellow-townsmen. While a general practitioner, he has
given special attention to internal medicine, and is at pres-
ent acting as medical inspector of the Clarksburg public

Doctor Shuttleworth was born at Clarksburg, July 17,
1877, one of the eleven childern born to Benjamin Frank-
lin and Mary Rebecca (Blair) Shuttleworth, the former
a native of Harrison County, West Virginia, and the lat-
ter of Augusta County, Virginia. Notley Shuttleworth, the
paternal grandfather of the doctor, was in his day a prom-
inent and successful business man of Clarksburg and a
man of influence in civic affairs, in which he took a help-
ful and constructive interest.

Benjamin Franklin Shuttleworth, of this review, was
reared at Clarksburg, where he attended the public schools,
after leaving which he took a preparatory literary course
at the West Virginia State University, where he obtained
his Bachelor of Arts degree in 1901. He then entered
Jefferson Medical College, and obtained his Doctor of Med-
icine degree in 1905. He has twice returned to this insti-
tution for post-graduate work. Doctor Shuttleworth be-
gan his professional career at Clarksburg, where he has
gained a very desirable and representative practice, and
has long ranked with the leaders of his profession. He
occupies offices at 126 West Main Street. If any branch
of his profession may be said to receive more of his
attention than another it is that of internal medicine,
in which he has won more than a local reputation and is
frequently called into consultation in cases of this kind.

Doctor Shuttleworth is a member of the medical staff
of St. Mary’s Hospital, where he has the full and unques-
tioned confidence of his professional associates. For sev-
eral years he has had the responsibility of caring for the
hygiene and health conditions of the children of the city
in the capacity of medical inspector of the Clarksburg pub-
lic schools. He is likewise a member of the West Vir-
ginia State Public Health Council, local surgeon for the
Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, physician and surgeon for
the Consolidation Coal Company and medical consultant
for the Hope Gas Company. He belongs to the Harrison
County Medical Society, of which he was president in 1919;
the West Virginia State Medical Society, of which he was
first vice president in 1919; the American Medical Asso-
ciation and the American Congress on Internal Medicine.
Doctor Shuttleworth is a Mason and an Elk. In the Scot-
tish Bite branch of Masonry he has attained the thirty-
second degree, and in the York Rite, the Chapter degree,
and is also a Noble of the Mystic Shrine. In polities he
is a republican, but politics has played only a small part
in his career, although as a public-spirited citizen he has
interested himself in civic matters in an endeavor to se-
cure the election of able officials and the passage of worthy
legislation. His religious faith is that of the Presbyterian
Church, and he has always supported worthy religious and
charitable movements.

In 1907 Doctor Shuttleworth was united in marriage with
Miss Rachael Faris, of Clarksburg. She is a daughter of
Samuel S. and Sallie (Davisson) Faris, and was born at
Bridgeport, West Virginia. Doctor and Mrs. Shuttleworth
occupy a pleasant residence at Clarksburg.