Samuel Clive Bryarly

Submitted to the West Virginia Biographies Project by:
Valerie & Tommy Crook
November 26, 1999

The History of West Virginia, Old and New
Published 1923, The American Historical Society, Inc.,
Chicago and New York, Volume III,
pg. 342

SAMUEL CLIVE BRYARLY. The Bryarlys have been a fam-
ily of farmers, landowners and of industry in other lines
in Berkeley County for several generations. Samuel C.
Bryarly lives at Martinsburg, where for a number of years
he has been in the service of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad

He was born on a farm located between Darkesville and
Tablers Station, in Berkeley County. His great-grandfather,
Robert Bryarly, was an early settler in Berkeley County,
where he owned a large amount of land, including the
present site of Tablers Station. He married Sally Bust.
Both were of Irish ancestry, but were members of the
English Church.

Thomas Bryarly, grandfather of Samuel C., was born
on the Federal Hill farm near Tablers Station, inherited a
portion of his father’s estate and continued a life-long
resident and farmer there. He married Susan Glass, and
their seven children were Robert Pressly, Elizabeth, Sally,
Thomas, Susan, Annie and Mary Eugenia.

Robert Pressly Bryarly was born in the same locality as
his son Samuel C., grew up on the farm, and at the very
beginning of the Civil war entered the Confederate army as
a member of Company B of the First Virginia Cavalry. He
was in the service until severely wounded in the right arm
at the battle of Towns Brook, and thereafter was incapaci-
tated for further active duty. After the war he bought a
portion of the old homestead, and was busily engaged in its
duties until 1890. He then lived for a time in Winchester
and Martinsburg, and for ten years was station agent at
Inwood. He finally retired on account of ill health and died
February 14, 1919. His wife was Cordelia J. Schendel, who
was born in Washington County, Maryland, in 1842, daugh-
ter of Samuel and Julia Schendel. She died January 17,
1912. The six children of these parents were Thomas Cox,
Robert Pressly, Julia Ann, Elizabeth Miller, Mary Louise
and Samuel C.

Samuel Clive Bryarly acquired his first school advantage
in the Grange Hall School, later attended school at Martins-
burg and Inwood, and as a youth he clerked in a store and
assisted in a grain elevator at Inwood. Leaving these oc-
cupations, he removed to Pittsburgh in 1910, and for three
years was employed in the Pennsylvania Railroad Machine
Shops. Leaving Pittsburgh, he returned to Martinsburg,
and for three years was with the Auburn Wagon Works and
since then has been a machinist with the Baltimore & Ohio

In 1901 Mr. Bryarly married Sabina Lee Graham, who
was born at Gerrardstown, Berkeley County. Her great-
grandfather was a native of England and an early settler in
Franklin County, Pennsylvania, where he followed farming.
Her grandfather, John Graham, was born in Franklin
County, served an apprenticeship at the carpenter’s trade,
became a building contractor, and some barns and other
buildings are still standing in Franklin County that testify
to his workmanship. He died there at the age of seventy-
nine. John Graham married Sabina Lancaster, who was
born in Franklin County, and died there when about eighty
years of age. Andrew Maxwell Graham, father of Mrs.
Bryarly, was born on a farm in Montgomery Township of
Franklin County, March 28, 1828. He was educated in the
rural schools, and the Lancaster Normal School, began
teaching at the age of eighteen, and in 1862 enlisted as a
private in Company F of the Eighth Pennsylvania Infantry.
He was in the Army of the Potomac under General Meade,
and was in nearly all the battles of that army at General
Grant’s command. He remained until the surrender at
Appomattox. For meritorious conduct he was commissioned
first lieutenant, and received his honorable discharge with
that rank. After the war Lieutenant Graham came to
Martinsburg, for several years taught at Gerrardstown and
vicinity, and is now living retired at Martinsburg.

December 24, 1861, he married Isabella Breneizen, daugh-
ter of William S. and Sarah (Wilson) Breneizen. She was
born in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. On December 24,
1921, Mr. and Mrs. Graham celebrated the sixtieth anni-
versary of their marriage, and both are still in good health
and have excellent memories. Mr. and Mrs. Bryarly have
three children, named, Robert Pressly, Andrew Clive and
Donald Graham.