T. J. Sayre

Submitted to the West Virginia Biographies Project by:
Valerie & Tommy Crook
July 16, 2000

The History of West Virginia, Old and New
Published 1923, The American Historical Society, Inc.,
Chicago and New York, Volume III,
pg. 505

T. J. SAYRE has been a member of the Jackson County
bar twenty years, practicing at Ripley, and is largely a
business lawyer and business man, though he has given due
share of his attention to public affairs and civic movements
in his community.

Theodore Joseph Sayre was born near Angerona in Jack-
son County, February 14, 1875. Practically all the Sayre
families in the United States are descended from one of four
brothers who came from England in the army commanded
by General Braddock at the beginning of the French and
Indian wars about 1754. The grandfather of the Ripley
lawyer was Elijah Sayre, who was born in that portion of
Mason County that is now Jackson County in 1817, and
spent all his life in that locality, a farmer by occupation.
He died at the advanced age of eighty-two. His wife,
Mary Jane Hunt, was born in what is now Jackson County
in 1824, and is still living at Ripley, well in the shadow of
her hundredth year. Her children were seven in number:
Wesley; Sarah Ann, wife of Allen Shinn, a farmer at
Angerona; John O., a farmer at Evans in Jackson County;
Jasper, a farmer at Cow Run, Jackson County; Daniel, a
farmer at Danstown, Jackson County; Elijah, a farmer at
Evans; and Belle, who died in Jackson County, wife of
James Barnett, a farmer now living in Putnam County.

Wesley Sayre was born at Angerona in 1844, and spent
all his life in that one community, where he died in 1907.
Besides owning and operating a farm he was postmaster of
Angerona during Cleveland’s two terms. Wesley Sayre
married Annie Wink, who was born at Pomeroy, Mason
County, in 1853, and is living at Ripley. The children of
their marriage were: Adam W., a farmer at Angerona;
T. J.; Miss Marie, a teacher in the Ripley High School;
Marguerite, wife of Charles C. Cunningham, a farmer at
Evans in Jackson County; Belle, wife of Raymond Vied-
horfer, agent for the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad at Girard,
Ohio; David, a traveling salesman living at Angerona;
Clara, wife of Russell Baker, a farmer at Angerona; Freda,
wife of Gay Casto, a dentist at Beckley in Raleigh County,
West Virginia; and Leo, who died at the age of five years.

T. J. Sayre acquired a public school education in Jackson
County, graduated in 1899 from Marshall College at Hunt-
ington, where he was a member of the Erosophian Literary
Society, and from there entered the Southwestern Baptist
University at Jackson, Tennessee, where he took his law
degree in 1901. Mr. Sayre at once returned to Ripley and
began the practice of law, and has had a generous share of
the wort in both the civil and criminal branches of his pro-
fession. His offices are on Court Street, and he also has his
home on the same street. He is a director of the Citizens
State Bank of Ripley, is a stockholder in the First National
Bank of Ripley, and owns considerable real estate in town
and a large body of farming land in Jackson County.

Mr. Sayre served one term as mayor of Ripley. He is
a democrat and a steward in the Methodist Episcopal
Church, South. During the war he was food administrator
for Jackson County, made speeches in behalf of the various
campaigns, and put the demands of the Government ahead
of all his professional engagements.

In 1904, at Ripley, he married Miss Lida E. Hyre, daugh-
ter of John A. and Dora (Board) Hyre, residents of Ripley,
where her father is a retired farmer. Mr. Sayre lost his
wife by death March 7, 1920.