Samuel Hamiltion Curry

Source: Hardesty, Henry H. Hardesty’s Historical and Geographical
Encyclopedia. New York: H.H. Hardesty and Company, 1884.
Rpt. in West Virginia Heritage Encyclopedia. Ed. Jim Comstock.
Richwood: Comstock, 1974.

SAMUEL HAMILTION CURRY – born in Monroe County, (now) West Virginia,
May 2, 1836, was a son of Josiah and Sarah (NICKELL) CURRY. His mother
was born in Monroe County, his father in Augusta County, Virginia. The
former died in Ohio, the latter died in 1845. In the war between the
States, Samuel H. CURRY was a member of Company C, 132d Ohio Infantry,
enlisting May 1, 1864, and serving the Government through the last
year of the war in the army of the Potomac, Anderson CURRY, his cousin,
was a soldier of the Confederacy, and killd [sic] in the service. At Irish
Corner, Greenbrier County, November 2, 1882, Samuel H. CURRY married
Susan Rebecca HALLOWELL, who was born in Richmond, Virginia, May 27,
1835. She was a daughter of Joshua HALLOWELL, born in Philadelphia,
Pennsylvania, and Elizabeth E. (PULLIN) HALLOWELL, who was born near
Richmond, Virginia, September 15, 1796. (Her parents are no longer
living.) Samuel H. CURRY owns 180 acres of good land, well improved,
watered and timbered. It has several springs of superior medicinal
qualities, and is well located. He has been a consistent and useful
member of the Presbyterian Church for ten years, and his wife joined
the Methodist Church early in life, and has been constant in her
religious faith ever since. The postoffice address of Samuel H.
CURRY is Monroe Draft, Greenbrier County, West Virginia.

[From THE MONROE WATCHMAN, Thursday, December 9, 1909:
Mrs. Susan CURRY, of Irish Corner, widow of the late Sam CURRY, was taken
to the home for incurables at Huntington on No. 1, Thanksgiving night.
Her mind had been failing for several years, and she was haunted with
the idea that some persons had determined to kill her and were hiding
nearby for that purpose. In view of her age (some 76 years) she was deemed
incurable. She was Miss HALLOWELL before her marriage. — W. Va. News]