Robert Madden

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September 23, 1999

Source: Hardesty, Henry H Hardesty’s Historical and Geographical
Encyclopedia, New York: H, H. Hardesty and Company, 1884. Rpt. in West
Virginia Heritage Encyclopedia. Ed, Jim Comstock Richwood: Comstock, 1974.

ROBERT MADDEN and Catherine White
were united in marriage in Gallia county, Ohio November 16, 1848. She was
born in Maryland, September 29, 1829 and is a daughter of Job and Catharine
(Hamilton) White. Mr. Madden is a native of Zanesville, Ohio, born July 8,
1823 and his parents are Joseph and Nancy (Hopper) Madden. Mr. and Mrs.
Madden have been blessed with eight children all living at home or very near
home. with the exception of one, deceased. They were born as follows:
Joseph, October 29, 1849; WIlliam September 13, 1853; James, March 16, 1836;
Enoch Hamilton, May 27, 1859; Nancy Corrilla July 25, 1862; Sarah Lucetta,
June 18, 1865; Mary Catherine, March 21, 1868; Virginia Ellen March 1, 1871;
died September 30, 1876; Joseph Madden father of Robert was drowned in
Muskingum river, Ohio in 1828 and his mother died in Lincoln county,
September 1, 1876. Mrs. Madden’s father died in Maryland in 1829 and her
mother in Ohio, January 26, 1873. Robert Madden was a soldier in the Mexican
war, Levi WHite a nephew of Mrs. Madden was in the Federal army during the
civil war, Robert Madden is a farmer in Carroll district, owning 200 acres of
good farming land on Mud River, one and one-half mile from Hamlin. There is
upon the farm a large orchard of apple, peach, pine, maple, hickory, locust
and walnut, Mr, and Mrs,. Madden, two daughters and two sons are members of
the Methodist Episcopal Church.