Daniel W. Reynolds

The History of West Virginia, Old and New
Published 1923, The American Historical Society, Inc. Chicago and New York,
Volume II pg. 525

Submitted by Gerald Bills.

DANIEL W. REYNOLDS passed his entire life in Pleasants County, West
Virginia, was a representative of an honored pioneer family of that part of
the state, and in his personality and achievement he made for himself a place
of no minor distinction and influence in connection with civic and business
affairs in his native county, especially in connection with the development of
the oil industry. He was born in Pleasants County in the year 1859, and was a
son of Isaac and Cassadora (Bills) Reynolds. His paternal grandfather, Daniel
Reynolds was the pioneer founder of the family in what is now West Virginia.

This sterling pioneer obtained land on an island in the Ohio River, opposite
St. Marys, Pleasants County, and there instituted the reclamation of a farm
from the wilderness. His son Isaac likewise became a farmer in that locality,
and was a comparatively young man at the time of his death, after which, in
order to provide for her family, his widow conducted a hotel at St. Marys at
the time when the railroad was being constructed to that place.

Daniel W. Reynolds was the third in a family of eight children, and
owing to the death of his father his early educational advantages were
somewhat limited. But he had the ambition and determined purpose which brook
no such handicaps, and this is clearly shown in the fact that when he was but
sixteen years of age he had so advanced himself as to become a successful
teacher in the schools of his native county. As a popular representative of
the pedagogic profession he served for a time as principal of the public
schools in St. Marys, the county seat. Thereafter he was for some time engaged
in the marketing of railroad ties, in the period of railway construction in
that section of the state, and when oil was discovered in Pleasants County he
was influential in enlisting outside capital for the development of the
industry in his native county. He also became a successful operator in
connection with oil production, and through his well directed activities he
accumulated a substantial fortune. He was one of the organizers of the
Pleasants County Bank at St. Marys, and became the owner also of a large
amount of valuable real estate in his native county. Mr. Reynolds was a man of
fine intellectual ken and of exceptional civic loyalty. He was a staunch
democrat, and as a candidate of his party was twice elected sheriff of
Pleasants County. He was an earnest member of the Baptist Church, as is also
his widow, was a zealous advocate of the cause of temperance and was
affiliated with the Independent Order of Odd Fellows. He married Miss Addie
Lewis Johnson, a daughter of the late William Johnson, who was long an honored
and influential citizen of Wood County. Mrs. Reynolds now maintains her home
at Boaz, West Virginia. Her husband passed to the life eternal in June 1901,
honored by all who knew him and known as one of the representative citizens of
Pleasants County. Mr. Reynolds is survived also by two sons, Dan Howard and
Arthur Hiett, who are associated in business in the City of Parkersburg and
concerning whom specific mention is made in following paragraphs.