Perry Emerson Burt

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Valerie Crook
September 19, 1999

The History of West Virginia, Old and New
Published 1923, The American Historical Society, Inc.,
Chicago and New York, Volume III,
pg. 243-244
Wayne County

PERRY EMERSON BURT. Integrity of purpose, uprightness
of dealing, soundness of principle and a keen sense of busi-
ness values are qualities which all go towards developing
the substantial men of affairs. No man reaches a pros-
perous material condition without striving towards some
desired end, but he must have something back of the ambi-
tion to succeed in order to attain his object. Natural and
acquired qualities that are rooted in a foundation of deep-
laid principles are absolutely necessary, and it is fortunate
for business conditions that so many men have possessed
these characteristics. Among the men of Wayne County
who through the possession of these qualities have reached
positions of prominence and at the same time have con-
tributed to the stability of business conditions is Perry
Emerson Burt, manager of the Saks Stamping Company of
Westmoreland, West Virginia.

Mr. Burt was born at West Lafayette, Ohio, December
16, 1866, a son of James Bradner and Margaret Jane
(Beall) Burt. His grandfather, Hon. James Madison Burt,
was born in 1810, at Warwick, New York, and became a
pioneer of Coshocton and that vicinity of Ohio, where he
engaged in agricultural operations. He enlisted for service
in the Black Hawk Indian war, and was a prominent demo-
crat of his locality, serving as county judge of Coshocton
County, as state senator and as justice of the peace. He
married Mary Ann Bradner, who was born in Orange
County, New York, and died at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Judge Burt died full of years and honors at Newcomerstown,
Ohio, in 1893.

James Bradner Burt, father of Perry Emerson Burt, was
born April 4, 1837, at Coshocton, Ohio, where he was reared
and married, but later made his home at West Lafayette.
He was an extensive and successful agriculturist, and a man
who was held in high esteem by his fellow-citizens, who
elected him to a number of local offices, in which his record
was a splendid one. In politics he was a democrat, and as a
churchman he was a life-long member of the Baptist faith,
in which he died at West Lafayette in February, 1907. Mr.
Burt married Miss Margaret Jane Beall, who was born
March 16, 1847, near Coshocton, Ohio, and still survives
him as a resident of West Lafayette. They became the
parents of four children: Perry Emerson; Mary, the wife
of Dr. Jesse McClain, a well-known practicing physician
and surgeon of Coshocton; Jennie, who is unmarried and a
teacher in the kindergarten department of the public schools
at Detroit, Michigan; and James Roe, of Westmoreland,
West Virginia, formerly associated with his brother in
business, but now engaged alone in mercantile pursuits.

Perry Emerson Burt attended the public schools of West
Lafayette, following which he pursued a course at Gran-
ville (Ohio) Academy. He then entered Denison University,
Granville, Ohio, from which he was graduated in 1895, with
the degree of Bachelor of Arts, and during his college career
was admitted to membership in the Phi Gamma Delta
Greek letter fraternity. For two years thereafter Mr.
Burt taught in the Burlington Institute College, Burlington,
Iowa, and then took a course at the University of Chicago
Post-Graduate School, specializing in English history for one
year. He was then retained as principal of the high school
at Cambridge, Ohio, for five years, but school work affected
his health and he was advised by his physician to seek some
other vocation. Accordingly, after a year’s rest he bought
an interest in the enameling works at West Lafayette, and
was manager of this plant until 1916. In the meanwhile
he had founded the Ohio Valley Enameling Company at
Westmoreland, West Virginia, in 1914, and in 1916 came
to this plant and acted as its sole owner and operator until
1920, when he sold out to the American Druggists Syndicate,
although retaining the position of manager. At the time of
the sale the name was changed to the Saks Stamping Com-
pany. In the large brick plant situated on Vernon Street,
Westmoreland, along the right-of-way of the Chesapeake &
Ohio Railway, the company manufactures enameled sheet
steel hospital goods, which are shipped all over the United
States and into Cuba, Europe and South America. Mr.
Burt’s business success has been marked, and that he has
gained position and prosperity is all the more creditable in
that his earlier inclinations and training had all been along
professional lines. His standing as a man of sound integrity
and probity has never been questioned, and among his
associates he is held in the utmost confidence. Politically
Mr. Burt has never sought honors at the hands of any party
or his fellow-citizens, and is inclined to be independent in
view and action, although where all other considerations
are equal he supports the candidates and principles of the
democratic party. He is a consistent member of the
Baptist Church, in which he serves as deacon. His pleasant
modern residence is situated at 2850 Piedmont Court, in a
desirable residence section of Westmoreland.

In June, 1895, at Zanesville, Ohio, Mr. Burt was united
in marriage with Miss Anna Linnard McCann, a daughter
of John and Mary (Miles) McCann, both of whom are now
deceased. Mr. McCann was a retail dealer in hats at
Zanesville and a man of substance and worth. Mrs. Burt
is a woman of numerous graces and accomplishments and a
graduate of Denison University, class of 1895. She and her
liusband are the parents of four children: Frederick
McCann, born July 25, 1896, now a merchant of Hunting-
ton, who during the recent war was identified with the avia-
tion branch of the United States service, stationed at
Boston, Massachusetts, and at the time of the signing of
the armistice was all ready to go overseas for bombing
service. He married in September, 1917, Eleanor McGugin,
of Ravenswood, West Virginia, and they have one daughter,
Carolyn Ann. Margaret Miles is a senior at Denison Uni-
versity. Marian Bradner is a student in the same institu-
tion, in the sophomore class. Edward Emerson was born
September 23, 1913.