Payton Albert Dixon

Biographical Sketches of Members of Congress, Members of the Legislature,
Officers of the State Governement and judges of the Supreme Court of Appeals,
West Virigina, 1917

West Virginia Legislative Hand Book and Manual and Official Register, 1917,
Compiled and Edited by John T. Harris, Clerk of the Senate,
The Tribune Printing Co., Charleston, West Va.
pgs. 719 – 770


pg. 734

Members of the House of Delegates.

DIXON,PAYTON ALBERT. (Republican.) Address:
Bayard, West Va. Born in Elk Garden, Mineral county,
West Virginia, June 25, 1869; educated in public schools;
occupation, farmer, breeder of fine Aberdeen cattle, stock
dealer and interested in the mercantile business; served as
Justice of the Peace in Mineral county, was twice elected
and served as President of the Board of Education of Union
District, Grant county; in 1916, was chosen as representa-
tive from Grant county in the Legislature, and in the
sessions of 1917 was assigned to and served on the House
standing committees on Prohibition and Temperance,
and Federal Relations..

Submitted by: Valerie Crook