Hardman Paul

Biographical Sketches of Members of Congress, Members of the Legislature,
Officers of the State Governement and judges of the Supreme Court of Appeals,
West Virigina, 1917

West Virginia Legislative Hand Book and Manual and Official Register, 1917,
Compiled and Edited by John T. Harris, Clerk of the Senate,
The Tribune Printing Co., Charleston, West Va.
pgs. 719 – 770


pg. 737

Members of the House of Delegates.

HARDMAN, PAUL. (Democrat.) Address: Hall-
burg, West Va. Delegate from Clay county. Bom at
Hardman Bend, Cnlhoun county, February 22, 1886; re-
ceived his elementary education in the common schools
and later attended Marshll College, at Huntington; is a
farmer, lumberman and livestock man; never held pub-
lic office until he was elected to represent Clay county in
the present Legislature; his committee assignments during
sessions of 1917 were as follows: Immigration and Agricul-
ture, Executive Offices and Library, Printing and Contin-
gent Expenses, Military Affairs, Arts, Science and Gen-
eral Improvements.

Submitted by: Valerie Crook