Paul A. Boothe

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Valerie Crook
September 12, 1999

The History of West Virginia, Old and New
Published 1923, The American Historical Society, Inc.,
Chicago and New York, Volume III,
pg. 223
Cabell County

PAUL A. BOOTHE. His professional work as a mining
and consulting engineer has brought Mr. Boothe an exten-
sive experience in a number of states, both East and West.
He recently established at Huntington the Paul A. Boothe
& Company, consulting engineers and architects, and the
firm serves a large and important clientele in the industrial
regions of this state.

Mr. Boothe was born at Fort Scott, Kansas, March 11,
1888. He is a descendant from the old English family of
Boothes. His ancestor, William De Boothe, obtained spe-
cial recognition from the Crown, and one of his sons, George
Boothe, was knighted, William De Boothe was a landed
proprietor in Lancashire, England. The grandfather of
Paul A. Boothe was William K. Boothe, who was born in
1840, and spent most of his life in the vicinity of Terre
Haute and Staunton, Indiana, where he was a farmer and
merchant. He finally disappeared, being last heard from at
Staunton in 1904.

Charles P. Boothe, father of Paul A., was born at Des
Moines, Iowa, in 1866, but grew up near Terre Haute, In-
diana, was a merchant at Rich Hill, Missouri, where he mar-
ried, lived for a very brief time in Fort Scott, Kansas, and
since 1895 his home has been at Kansas City, Missouri,
where he is in the lumber and coal business. He is inde-
pendent in polities, is a lay minister of the Methodist Epis-
copal Church, and is one of the highest Odd Fellows in
Missouri, being a past grand of the Grand Lodge of the
state. He is also a member of the Modern Woodmen of
America. Charles P. Boothe married Harriet Barber, who
was born at Streator, Illinois, in 1867. Paul A. is the old-
est of their children. Martha Charline is the wife of W.
Benjamin Wilson, their home being at Kansas City, while
his duties are with the Standard Oil Company’s plant at
Sugar Creek, Missouri. Robert, the third child, died in
infancy, and Gordon K., the youngest, is a heating engi-
neer in Kansas City, Missouri.

Paul A. Boothe acquired a public school education at
Kansas City, graduating from high school in 1906, and in
the course of his subsequent education attended the Uni-
versity of Missouri at Columbia, the Armour Institute of
Technology in Chicago, and the Montana School of Mines
at Butte. He graduated from the Montana school with
the degree of Metallurgist and Mining Engineer in 1916.
In the meantime he had performed a widely varied service
in engineering and construction work in Missouri, Illinois,
Minnesota and Montana. For two years he was assistant
chief engineer for the Standard Oil Company of Indiana,
and after his graduation from the school of mines he
returned to Chicago, and was in business in that city as a
consulting engineer until May, 1917. He then went to
Butte, Montana, to take charge of the designing of a con-
crete shaft to be placed in Granite Mountain for the North
Butte Mining Company. He remained there until October,
1917, acting as consulting engineer. In October, 1917, he
established himself in practice at Denver, Colorado, and
in the spring of 1919 became associated with the Lloyd-
Thomas Company of Chicago, Illinois, industrial engineers
and appraisers.

Mr. Boothe came to Huntington and on January 1, 1921,
established the Paul A. Boothe Company, consulting engi-
neers and architects. He is president of the company,
whose offices are in the Wilson Building on Tenth Street.

Mr. Boothe’s church preferences are the Episcopal, but
his affiliations are with the Methodist Church. He is a mem-
ber of the West Side Country Club and West Side Com-
mercial Club of Huntington. On April 30, 1914, at St.
Paul, Minnesota, he married Miss Elsa Helen White, daugh-
ter of Benjamin Stuart and Caroline (Beiswenger) White.
Her father, who died at Madisonville, Ohio, was a successful
attorney. Her mother died at Chicago, June 2, 1914. Mrs.
Boothe is a graduate of the Hinshaw Conservatory of Mu-
sic at Chicago, and attended the American Conservatory in
the same city. She is a soprano and has appeared with
success on the concert, lyceum and opera stage. Mr. and
Mrs. Boothe have two children: Helen Adair, born May
24, 1917, and Barbara Ann, born November 16, 1919.