Marshall A. Maxwell

Submitted by
Valerie Crook
September 15, 1999

The History of West Virginia, Old and New
Published 1923, The American Historical Society, Inc.,
Chicago and New York, Volume III,
pg. 208

MARSHALL A. MAXWELL, assistant to the president of the
A. J. King coal interests, with headquarters at Huntington,
is an electrical and mechanical engineer with twenty years
of experience in mining and public utilities in different
parts of the United States and Canada.

He was born at St. Stephen, New Brunswick, Canada,
January 14, 1875, son of Joseph Henry and Emily (An-
drews) Maxwell. Both parents were of United Empire
Loyalist stock, the families being originally settled in Vir-
ginia and Connecticut. M. A. Maxwell was educated in
the common and provincial normal schools, spent some time
as a teacher, and in 1902 graduated from McGill Univer-
sity at Montreal with the degree Bachelor of Science in
electrical and mechanical engineering.

The same year he moved to Easton, Pennsylvania, became
assistant to the chief engineer of the Easton Power Com-
pany and was promoted to superintendent the same year.
>From 1904 to 1908 he was a member of the firm Beadle &
Maxwell, consulting engineers, with office at 82 Beaver
Street, New York. From 1908 to 1910 he was at Boston as
general superintendent of the Massachusetts Lighting Com-
panies, a group of gas and electric public service properties.

Going to Alberta in Northwest Canada in 1910, on ac-
count of his health, Mr. Maxwell formed the engineering
and contracting firm of Maxwell & Mackenzie. This firm
covered a broad and successful field of operations until the
outbreak of the war, when the entire personnel enlisted with
the Canadian Expeditionary Force except Mr. Maxwell, who
was rejected on account of age and physical condition.
While in Northwest Canada Mr. Maxwell was instrumental
in the development and operation of the Round Hill Col-
lieries, Limited, of which he was managing director, the
Spicer Coal Company and the Stoney Creek Collieries,
Limited, of Alberta, in all of which he is a large stock-

Mr. Maxwell in February, 1915, came to Logan, West Vir-
ginia, as general manager of the Logan County Light &
Power Company, a corporation organized to supply electric
power to the coal fields of Logan County and vicinity. This
company was successfully developed, and was sold to the
newly formed Kentucky and West Virginia Power Company
in 1919. At that date Mr. Maxwell retired and has since
been associated with A. J. King in the administration of
coal properties, and is also interested in various other
public service corporations.

Mr. Maxwell is an associate member of the American
Institute of Electrical Engineers, the Engineering Institute
of Canada, is an executive of the Kentucky and West Vir-
ginia Mine, Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, and is a
member of fifteen years’ standing on the Engineers Club of
New York. He is a member of the Episcopal Church and
the Masonic Order. In December, 1902, he married Edna
Beatrice Clinch, of St. Andrews, New Brunswick.