Jasper L. Graves

Submitted to the West Virginia Biographies Project by:
Valerie & Tommy Crook
November 26, 1999

The History of West Virginia, Old and New
Published 1923, The American Historical Society, Inc.,
Chicago and New York, Volume III,
pg. 323

JASPER L. GRAVES, a native of Berkeley County, is one
of the prosperous young business men of Martinsburg. He
began acquiring experience in mercantile lines before he
left school, and has built up a satisfactory business by
steady application and industry.

Mr. Graves was born on a farm near Jones Springs in
Berkeley County, son of John M. Graves, a native of the
same county and grandson of William Graves. William
Graves was of early English ancestry, and on leaving Penn-
sylvania located in Berkeley County, on a farm on Stuckey
Ridge. He married Sarah Stuckey, of a pioneer family of
that community. Both were stricken with diphtheria and
died a week apart, leaving two small children, the daughter
Barbara dying at the age of five years. John M. Graves
was only five years old when his parents died, and he was
cared for by his uncle, Michael Stuckey, with whom he lived
until he was twenty-one. As a young man he did farm
work, later bought a small tract of land near Jones Springs,
was a tract farmer for several years, and on leaving his
farm and moving to Martinsburg, was employed at Bishops
Mill and lived at Martinsburg until his death at the age
of fifty-two. On December 85, 1878, he married Sarah
Catherine Albright, who was born on a farm in Berkeley
County, daughter of Lewis Grantham Albright, a native of
the same county, and granddaughter of William Albright,
who is said to have been of Pennsylvania-Dutch ancestry.
Lewis G. Albright learned the trade of shoemaker, when all
boots and shoes were made to order, and he followed that
trade in connection with farming. He married Sally Shimp,
and both lived to a good old age. Mrs. Sarah Catherine
Graves is a resident of Martinsburg. She became the
mother of the following children: William Lewis, James
Franklin, Nellie Gertrude, Jasper L., Ernest Cleveland and
Andrew J. The son Andrew died at the age of twenty-two,
while attending a training camp at Morgantown during the
world war. William L. is a machinist by trade, and is now
a foreman in the Southern Pacific Railroad shops at Oak-
land, California. He married Grace Arvin, and they have
three children, named Lester, Francene and Howard. James

Franklin Graves lives at Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, is a
Pennsylvania Railroad conductor, and by his marriage to
Alice Gift has children named Marvin, Virginia, Sarah,
Jasper and Learie. Nellie Gertrude is the wife of I. F.
Hyle, foreman at the Kelly Island Stone Quarry and has
a daughter, Catherine, now a student in the Martinsburg
High School. The parents of these children were both
active members of the United Brethren Church and reared
their family in the same faith.

Jasper L. Graves at the age of fourteen began clerking in
a grocery store, doing that work after hours and on holi-
days. After leaving the city schools he continued clerking
until 1911, then he engaged in the grocery business on his
own account, and with a very small stock of goods. He now
has one of the leading stores of the kind in Martinsburg.
He lives with his mother. Mr. Graves is a member of the
United Brethren Church and has been prominent in the
church in various official capacities, having been a member
of the board of trustees, is a teacher in the Sunday school
and has served as president of the Christian Endeavor