Fred L. Fox

Submitted to the West Virginia Biographies Project by:
Valerie & Tommy Crook
September 24, 1999

The History of West Virginia, Old and New
Published 1923, The American Historical Society, Inc.,
Chicago and New York, Volume III,
pg. 270-271
Braxton County

HON. FRED L. FOX. For many years Hon. Fred L. Fox
has been one of the foremost citizens of Sutton, foremost
in legal circles, in financial affairs, in politics, in public
enterprises, in beneficences, and in the place he has won in
the confidence of his fellow-citizens. Such varied achieve-
ment is a proud distinction, the fruition of a symmetrical
manhood. It is possible only to the favored few upon whom
have been bestowed the fundamental elements of energy,
constructive ability and business intuition. All these essen-
tial qualities Mr. Fox possesses, united with an unbending
integrity of character that commands the trust and con-
fidence of the public and have made him a power in the
development of the community.

Mr. Fox was born on a farm near the mouth of the Big
Birch River, October 24, 1876, a son of Camden and Caro-
line (McMorrow) Fox, and a grandson of Samuel Fox.
Samuel Fox was born in Nelson County, Virginia, and be-
came one of the leading citizens of Braxton County. At
various times in his active and successful career he followed
the vocations of agriculture, milling, lumbering and mer-
chandising, and at the time of his death was a member of
the County Court. He was a leading member of the demo-
cratic party. Samuel Fox married a Miss Boggs, who was
born in Braxton County.

Camden Fox was born in Braxton County, December 14,
1854, and was reared to agricultural pursuits while gaining
his educational training in the public schools. On attaining
manhood he adopted farming as his life work, and continued
to be engaged therein until his retirement in 1919, at which
time he moved to his present home at Sutton, where he and
his worthy wife are held in the highest esteem. He is a
member of the Masonic fraternity, and his political affilia-
tion is with the democratic party. He and his wife are
faithful members of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Seven
children have been born to them: Fred L., of this review;
Jennie, the wife of O. W. Hall; Augusta H., the wife of
Daniel Curry, of Bridgeport, Harrison County, this state;
Earl F., an attorney temporarily of Shreveport, Louisiana;
Anna, the wife of H. O. Fast, of Charleston, West Virginia;
John B., deputy county clerk of Braxton County; and
Herman V., a medical student at the University of West

Fred L. Fox was reared on the home farm and acquired
his early education in the common schools. Later he pur-
sued a course in the University of West Virginia, from
which he was graduated with the class of 1899, receiving
the degree of Bachelor of Laws, and, being admitted to
the bar during the same year, came at once to Sutton,
where he has since been engaged in the practice of his pro-
fession with constantly increasing success. He is now a
member of the law firm of Haymond & Fox, in existence
since 1904, conceded to be one of the strongest combina-
tions in Central West Virginia, practicing in the State and
Federal Courts.

Mr. Fox has long been prominent and active in local and
state politics, and has been chairman of the County Execu-
tive Committee of the democratic party for the past ten
years. In 1912 he was elected a member of the State Sen-
ate and was retained therein by re-election in 1916, hav-
ing served in all eight years as a member of that body.
During six years of this time he was democratic leader
of the Senate. Senator Fox was one of the organizers of
the Bank of Sutton, of which he has been president since
its organization in 1918. His fellow officials in the bank
are: W. C. Marple, vice president; Hugh Swisher, cash-
ier; and Benton B. Boggs, S. H. Cutlip, A. W. Engel, J.
H. Hutchinson, I. Lawrence Freeman, C. W. Marble, H.
A. Long and W. A. Tucker, directors. Mr. Fox is also a
director of the institution, a strong and solid banking
house capitalized at $35,000. He has large real estate
interests, embracing oil and coal lands, as well as much
city property, including one of the finest residences in
the county and the large block in which his business
offices are situated. As a fraternalist he belongs to the
local Lodge and Chapter of the Masonic Order, and is a
past high priest and past eminent commander. With his
family he belongs to the Presbyterian Church.

On June 22, 1900, Mr. Fox was united in marriage with
Miss Anna Lee Frume, a graduate of the public school
of Sutton, and to this union there have been born six
children: Gordon B., John H., George M., Agnes, Re-
becca and Anna Jean.