Earl Mcconnaughy

Submitted to the West Virginia Biographies Project by:
Valerie & Tommy Crook
September 24, 1999

The History of West Virginia, Old and New
Published 1923, The American Historical Society, Inc.,
Chicago and New York, Volume III,
pg. 264-265
Mingo County

EARL MCCONNAUGHY has effectively upheld the prestige
of the family name in connection with the coal-mining
industry, and is one of its vital and progressive exponents
in the Kentucky and West Virginia fields. He was the
organizer and is secretary, treasurer and general manager
of the P. M. C. Coal Company, which derives its title from
the surname initials of its three promoters, Messrs. Palmer,
McConnaughy and Countremen. The coal lands of the
company comprise 600 acres on Hatfield Bend of the Tug
River in Pike County, with a steel bridge across the river to
afford connection with the company’s tipple in West Vir-
ginia. The residence and executive headquarters of Mr. Mc-
Connaughy are maintained at Sprigg, Mingo County, West
Virginia. He had the supervision of the opening of the
mine of this company and the erection and equipping of the
producing plant, operations at the mine having been
initiated in August, 1918, and the company having de-
veloped a large export trade.

Mr. McConnaughy was born at Bridgeport, Ohio, June
19, 1877, a son of Howell and Sophia (Heneke) McCon-
naughy, both likewise natives of that place, where the
mother died in February, 1911, aged fifty-nine years, and
where the death of the father occurred in the following
October, when he was sixty-two years of age. Howell Mc-
Connaughy was actively concerned with coal mining during
his entire business career, and operated mines in the Eastern
Ohio District. Of the family of three sons and one daugh-
ter the eldest son, Albert C., was president of the Buffalo
Eagle Coal Company, operating in the Logan field of West
Virginia, and also secretary and treasurer of the Guyan
Coal Company, his death having occurred in 1920. Fred is
district agent of the New York Life Insurance Company,
with headquarters at Lead, South Dakota. The only daugh-
ter is Mrs. Charles Adams, of Dayton, Ohio.

The early education of Earl McConnaughy was acquired
in the schools of his native place. He was eighteen years
old when he left the Bridgeport High School and initiated
his association with the practical affairs of business. He
became night superintendent of the Aetna Standard Mill,
and four years later, at the age of twenty-two years, he
became assistant superintendent for the Republic Iron &
Steel Company at Toledo, Ohio. A year later he accepted
the position of superintendent for the Henderson Coal Com-
pany, operating in Ohio, and in this connection he main-
tained his headquarters in his native city of Bridgeport for
ten years. He tlien came to the Logan coal fields in West
Virginia, and for two years was engaged in the buying of
coal lands. He then became manager of the Alma Thacker
Fuel Company in Kentucky, not far distant from Matewan,,
West Virginia, and his next decisive movement was the
organizing of the P. M. C. Coal Company, of which he has
since continued secretary, treasurer and general manager.
He was in the last draft, at the time of the World war,
but received from Government authorities instruction to
bend his energies to the production of coal, an economic
service of as much value as could be that which he might
render in the army or navy. He spurred his energies to the
maximum production of fuel, and thus effectively followed
the instructions which had been given. Mr. McConnaughy’s
basic Masonic affiliation is with the Blue Lodge at William-
son, and in the Scottish Rite he has received the thirty-
second degree, besides which he is a member of the Lodge
of Elks at Martins Ferry, Ohio. He was reared in the faith
of the Methodist Church, and his wife holds membership in
the Presbyterian Church.

On April 5, 1900, Mr. McConnaughy married Miss Lucy
Hill, daughter of Thomas Hill, of Bridgeport, Ohio. They
have no children.