Vernon Lough Dyer

Submitted to the West Virginia Biographies Project by:
Elizabeth Burns
January 1, 2000

The History of West Virginia, Old and New
Published 1923, The American Historical Society, Inc.
Chicago and New York, Volume II,
pg. 214-215

Vernon Lough Dyer, M.D. Included among the younger members of the
medical profession who are making rapid strides in their chosen calling
in Grant County is Dr. Vernon Lough Dyer of Petersburg. To a natural
equipment for his calling, which includes inherent ability, a genuine
love of his profession and a sympathetic nature, Doctor Dyer has
superimposed a long and careful training and as a close observer and
keen student of his profession is still further improving himself for
the work to which he has dedicated his life and talents.

Doctor Dyer comes of an old and honored family of West Virginia was born
April 17, 1892, at Fort Seybert, Pendleton County, this state, a son of
William M. Dyer. His grandfather, Allen Dyer, was born in Pendleton
County, where he followed the pursuits of farming and raising stock and
was one of the well-to-do and highly esteemed citizens of his
community. He passed his entire life within the borders of Pendleton
County and attained the ripe old age of ninety-one years, passing away
in the year 1910. He married Miss Martha Miller and they became the
parents of eight children who grew to maturity, as follows: Pendleton;
Minnie, who married Charles Switzer of Philippi, West Virginia; Annie,
who married William Judy; Sue who became the wife of Elias McWhorter of
Jane Lew, West Virginia; Edward, who resides near Philippi and is
engaged in agricultural operations; William M, the father of Doctor
Dyer; Charles, who died in Pendleton County and Florence, the wife of
I.E. Bolton of Morgantown, West Virginia.

William M. Dyer was born in Pendleton County where he received ordinary
educational advantages in the public schools and as a young man adopted
the vocation of farming. This he has followed with success in the same
county ever since and is now the owner of a good property with all
modern improvements. He is a modern agriculturist, owns a large herd of
livestock, and keeps abreast of the advancements being constantly made
in the business of agriculture. He has always demonstrated his
public-spirited citizenship in his support of worthy civic movements and
educational and religious enterprises, as well as those of a charitable
nature, have found him a friend. Politically he is a republican and his
religious connection is with the Methodist Church. Dr. Dyer was united
in marriage with Miss Susan Lough and they became the parents of eleven
children, of whom ten survive: Nora, who is the wife of J.P. Cowher of
Fort Seybert West Virginia; Fred, a resident of Eckman, this state; Dr.
Vernon Lough of this review and Mary and Willie, twins, Fannie, George,
Jasper, James and Anna who reside at the home of their parents. During
the World war Fred and Willie Dyer enlisted in the United States Army
and the latter saw overseas service, while the former was a member of
the Officers Training Camp at Camp Lee, Petersburg Virginia. All of the
members of his family have been given the advantage of good education

The childhood, youth and early years of his manhood were passed by
Vernon Lough Dyer at Fort Seybert in which community he attended the
public school. As a youth he spent his time much after the fashion of
other farmers; sons, working on the home place during the summer
months. In the winters he taught in the county schools of Bethel
District, and this continued to occupy his time until he reached his
majority at which time he enrolled as a student at the State Normal
School at Shepherdstown West Virginia. He was graduated from that
institution as a member of the class of 1914 and having thus equipped
himself from a literary viewpoint he began the study of medicine. The
first two years of his medical course were prosecuted at Valparaiso
University, Valparaiso, Indiana after which he entered the medical
department of Loyola University, Chicago Illinois. He was graduated
June 1, 1918 and after receiving his degree of Doctor of Medicine went
to Welch Hospital, Welch, West Virginia, where he spent a year in
hospital work, being for a time intern of the institution. With this
work finished, he took up the practice of his profession at Petersburg,
where he has since demonstrated his skill and thorough learning in a
manner that has attracted to him a large practice of the most desirable
kind that can fall to the lot of a young physician. During the period
of the World war Doctor Dyer was a student at Loyola University, and his
name was placed in the enlisted Medical Reserve Corps, but was not
called for active duty and his medical studies were uninterrupted.

Doctor Dyer is a close and careful student of his calling, and holds
membership in several medical organizations, including the Grant County
Medical Society and the West Virginia State Medical Society. He is at
present serving in the capacity of health officer of Petersburg, an
office in which he is rendering capable service. Fraternally he is
affiliated with Petersburg Lodge of the Masonic Order. In political
matters he is a republican, although he has not been active in political
affairs, his entire attention being devoted to his profession. However,
as a citizen he has given his support to worthy movements and has
expressed his approval of advanced educational standards and worthy
charitable and religious enterprises. With Mrs. Dyer he holds
membership in the Presbyterian Church.

On June 18, 1919 at Jane Lew, Lewis County West Virginia, Doctor Dyer
was united in marriage with Miss Ruth Hickel, who was born in Wirt
County West Virginia, one of the four children of Rev. Thomas J. and
Arnette (Bee) Hickel, Rev. T.J. Hickel being a well-known divine of the
Methodist Protestant Church who has held numerous pulpits in West
Virginia. Mrs. Dyer who is the second of her parents’ children was born
March 18, 1895. Her sister is Mrs. Catherine Peterson, who lives at
Weston West Virginia and her brothers are Fred, of Grantsville, this
state and John. Doctor and Mrs. Dyer have one daughter, Susan Arnette,
born October 10, 1921.