Lloyd Edward Bragg

Biography of Lloyd Edward Bragg

Lloyd Edward Bragg was born May 19,1914 in Logan County West Virginia although they lived in Lincoln County, so he grew up in Lincoln County West Virginia .
He was the son of Albert Bragg and Lottie Spears Bragg.
His siblings were 3 sisters they were by a previous marriage of his mother
Their names are Bernice,Bessie and Allie Sowards
His paternal Grandparents are James Calloway Bragg and Sarah Adkins Bragg
Maternal Grandparents are Hamilton Spears and Jerusha Spurlock Spears.
He married Rita Irene Elkins d/o Dennie Wirt Elkins and Corba Louvina Stewart February 15,1933 In Oceana Wyoming County,West Virginia.
He was a resident of Oceana Wyoming County for over 47 years as they made their home there.
They had 10 children 6 sons and 4 daughters and adopted 1 granddaughter
Their children are as follows James Edward Bragg ,Patsy Bragg Sexton,Danford Earl Bragg,Carol Bragg Slattton, Hubert Acy Bragg,Dennis Everett Bragg,Frederick Keith Bragg,Judith Bragg Milam Lowe Barbara Bragg Spears Crouse,Jimmie Randall Bragg and the adopted granddaughter is Kimberly Bragg Lafferty
Dad and Mom met when he came to Oceana to work on the railroad building the railroad to Eastern Gas and Fuel at Kopperston and when this was finished he went to work at Eastern Gas and Fuel in the mines at Kopperston ,Wyoming County,West Virginia where he worked over 40 years .
He was a disabled coal miner and suffered from Black Lung.
He was a member of the Odd Fellows in Matheny West Virginia
He was a member of The United Mine Workers for 47 years.
He was among the founders of Turkey Ridge Independent Baptist
Served as a Deacon of the church for years ,he worked with the youth fellowship I can still see him when Church youth group would go roller skating he would skate right along with us and could skate as well as anyone and better than most.
He died September 15,1980 in Beckley Raleigh County West Virginia
Buried in Palm Memorial Gardens at Matheny Wyoming County West Virginia.

Submitted by son Danford Earl Bragg Sr