Alexander C. Mccloy


Alexander C. McCloy, an employee of Dowler & Dowler, one of
Wheeling’s business firms, has served in his present position since
1901, and is trustworthy and competent in the discharge of his
duties. He was born in Washington County, Pennsylvania, November 7,
1863, and is a son of Richard and Phoebe (May) McCloy, both natives
of Pennsylvania. The father served three months on garrison duty in
the Civil war, and was a merchant during the greater part of his
life, but is now retired and living quietly on Bellaire, Ohio. He
married Phoebe May, who died in 1891, at the age of fifty-one years.
They had five children namely: Mary; John Johnson, deceased;
Alexander C.; Jennie; and Blanche. Alexander C. and one sister are
the only survivors of this family of children. Jennie married Isaac
Grafton, but is now a widow, keeping house for her father at
Bellaire, Ohio. Richard McCloy and his wife were both devoted
members of the United Presbyterian church, and he is an elder in that
church in Bellaire at the present time. He is now about sixty-five
years of age; in politics he is a Democrat.

Alexander C. McCloy received his early mental training in the country
schools, after which he framed for himself for ten years, and then
went to Wheeling, and drove a team for the Atlantic Tea Company for
five years. In 1898 he went into the livery business, associating
himself with John Coffland, under the firm name of Coffland & McCloy,
and continuing in the business until 1901, when the partnership was
dissolved, and Mr. McCloy entered into his present employment with
Dowler & Dowler.

December 6, 1888, Mr. McCloy was united in marriage with Catherine
Wise, a native of Ohio, and a daughter of John A. and Agnes Wise,
respected residents of Belmont county, Ohio. Mr. Wise is a well-to-
do farmer of that county and is prominent in his vicinity. He and
his wife have four children: Mrs. McCloy, James, Edgar and Frank.
James married Inez Barlow, is a partner in a box factor, and resides
in Barnesville. Edgar, who is a farmer in Belmont county, married
Nancy Giffin, and has two children, a son and daughter. Frank is
still a boy and is engaged in farming.

Mr. McCloy and his wife have three children, namely: Russell M.,
Homer A. and an infant as yet unnamed. The family are members of the
Presbyterian church of Rock Hill, Ohio. Mr. McCloy is a member of no
sect or order and takes very little interest in politics. He is a
good and worthy citizen, and has been identified with the best
interests of Wheeling since he became one of her citizens. He
resides with his family in their comfortable home at No. 21 Virginia

From “History of Wheeling City and Ohio County, West Virginia and
Representative Citizens,” by Hon. Gibson Lamb Cranmer, 1902.

(Janice Davis)