Bothwell Bridge

Cloud of Witnesses

Some of the early Wylie pioneers may have immigrated to North America against their will. In fact, thousands of Scots were sold into slavery because of their religious beliefs. The slaves listed below were sold in the American Colonies or Jamaica. Most eventually escaped or were set free and those who may have returned to … Read More »

The Battle of Bothwell Bridge by Sir Walter Scott

Sir Walter Scott The Minstrelsy of the Scottish Border The Battle of Bothwell Bridge It has been often remarked, that the Scottish, notwithstanding their national courage, were always unsuccessful when fighting for their religion. The cause lay, not in the principle, but in the mode of its application. A leader, like Mahomet, who is at … Read More »

The Sinking of The Crown of London

The Crown of London sank at Deerness, Orkney Islands, Scotland at 10:00 P.M. on December 10, 1679. There were at least 5 Wylies among the prisoners on board and, according to A Cloud of Witnesses“, at least 1 may have survived. By most accounts about 50 of the prisoners survived and most of them were … Read More »

The Battle of Bothwell Bridge

Here are some details of the Battle of Bothwell Bridge and its aftermath, abridged from Alexander Smellie’s “Men of the Covenant”. The Battle of Bothwell Bridge After the Sabbath-day on which they sent Claverhouse flying at Drumclog, the Covenanters knew that they must hold together, because their enemies would muster soon to punish them. They … Read More »