The Wiley Family History Project was founded in 1994 to document historical and genealogical research of the Wiley surname. The WFHP went online in 1995 with the world’s first all Wiley electronic genealogy mailing list. In 1998 the Project was expanded and launched a free reference and research facility for all surnames branching from the original Wyle. Today, the WileyGenealogy.com Library and Archive remains a key destination for those interested in family history.

Our Goals

Briefly, WileyGenealogy.com’s goals are to promote, encourage, and foster the study of genealogy and family history by

  • setting up a library of printed works relating to genealogy and allied subjects;
  • forming a permanent safe depository for pedigrees and other manuscripts;
  • indexing, transcribing and acquiring original records;
  • supplying advice and information;
  • associating with other like bodies in the UK, US, Canada, Australia and elsewhere; and
  • assisting in research, special projects, transcription, indexing or other areas of value to genealogy.

Share you research

Join us as we map our history and save our traditions for the generations to come. Whether you’re in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, United States, Canada or anywhere else around the globe there’s a place for you here.

If you have questions to ask, stories to tell, or research to share, please join one of our online communities and introduce yourself to the family.


Known spellings and known variants include, but are not limited to:

    McWylie, McWilley, Walay, Wale, Walea, Walee, Waleh, Waley, Waleye, Wali, Walie, Waliey, Walhe, Walhey, Walley, Waly, Weily, Weilley, Wele, Welea, Weleh, Weleih, Welew, Weley, Welhey, Welia, Welie, Weliy, Welley, Welli, Welliy, Wellley,Welloy, Weyl, Weyle, Weylee, Weyll, Weyley, Weylie, Weyly, Whiley, Whilley, Whyley, Wieley, Wighley, Wilee, Wiley, Wilie, Willee, Willey, Willie, Wily, Wyle, Wylie, Wyly, Wyl, Wyle, Wylea, Wylee, Wylei, Wyley, Wyleye, Wyli, Wylia, Wylie, Wyll, Wylle, Wylley, Wylli, Wylli, Wyllia, Wyllie, Wylly, Wyllye, Wyly.