Theophilus Adam Wylie


Theophilus Adam Wylie, October 8, 1810 - Unknown
Theophilus Adam Wylie, October 8, 1810 – Unknown

Theophilus Adam Wylie was born October 8, 1810, in Philadelphia, Pa. He was the son of Rev. Samuel Brown Wylie, D.D., and Margaret Watson Wylie. He received his early education at the English Academy of Rev. Dr. S.W. Crawford and commenced his classical education at the school of Wylie and JPEngles1793 Engles, Philadelphia….

In the same year [1836], after some correspondence with the Board of Trustees of Indiana College and its president, Dr. Andrew Wylie, he was offered a professorship in Indiana University, and at his own request was elected pro tem professor of natural philosophy and chemistry. In the spring of 1837 he left Philadelphia and after ten days journey reached the University in April and commenced work at the opening of the second term, May 1…..

Professor T.A. Wylie married Rebecca Dennis, of Germantown, now in the city of Philadelphia, Pa, November 5, 1838….

On the death of Andrew Wylie on November 11, 1851, Daniel Read and Theophilus Wylie carried on the duties of the president until a new president, Alfred Ryors, was appointed, June 3, 1852…..

Source: Excerpt from Myers, Burton D. Officers of Indiana University, 1820-1950. p.486.

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    Source: WYLIE, THEOPHILUS A.  Diaries of Theophilus A. Wylie, 1832-92. Transcribed by Elizabeth M. Greene. Bloomington, IN: Department of Chemistry, Indiana University, 1987.

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