Orkney Surnames

Wylie. First recorded person with this surname in Orkney: “John Wylie, Deerness, 1601: the Scottish surname Wylie is usually explained as a variation of the first name Willie. . .in Orkney the surname Wylie is very common and it is doubtful if it has been derived in this way: much more likely to be a nickname from Middle English ‘wile’, meaning ‘deceitful’ or perhaps from ON (Old Norse) ‘vela’ to trick: a surname associated with the parish of Deerness and the island of Burray: Wylie is also a very common name in Kirkwall.

Orkney Surnames by Gregor LambPublisher: Paul Harris Publishing; 1st edition (November 1981)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0862280257
ISBN-13: 978-0862280253